I’m Borderline Obsessed With Florence Pugh’s Style—and You Will Be, Too

This year, I was incredibly inspired by the 2018 Met Gala Theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. As an Art History nerd, the convergence of art, fashion and Catholicism displayed at the event was Gala, some people really go for the theme: Rihanna as the Pope, Zendaya as Joan of Arc, Cardi B dripped in gold and jewels, while SZA, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Even though I’m not religious, I’ve always had an appreciation for religious art and iconography—it’s actually very interesting when you read a bit into it. There’s so many things to interpret, not to mention, these works of art tend to be stunning. I’ve always loved the depiction of a weeping Mary, and wanted to recreate it. Makeup artists have done this weeping look before, remember when Pat McGrath did it for Rihanna in W? Super inspiring! Here’s my take on it:

The pressed pigments (are you even allowed to call these eyeshadows?) are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They don’t even look real at first. Running your finger over the glassy pans feels like touching silk, and running your saturated finger tips over your skin leaves behind trails of pure gold, shimmering opal, and vibrant red.

The Mothership V: Bronze Seduction palette has the warmest color scheme of the five releases, and even though this palette has some pretty intense shades, it was the one that felt the most ‘wearable’, and that I felt I could get the most use from on a regular basis.

So, that was my first go with the palette, and I had an actual blast playing with it. It reminded of me of being a kid, and getting a fresh box of crayons—do you remember how great and exciting that was? I literally didn’t realize how much I was missing out, not just with Pat McGrath’s makeup, but with makeup in general.

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